Thursday, February 16, 2012

This Is a Real Comic Book Character: Swarm

Imagine a man who stings your fist every time you punch him in the face.

Imagine a man who always knows what all the buzz is about.

Imagine a man who can sustain himself on a never-ending supply of honey.

You're imagining the ultimate Nazi superweapon: Swarm. He used to be a man, but now he's bees.

A white honey supremacist.

Fritz von Meyer was a mild-mannered Nazi scientist until one day he was eaten by a colony of bees. Then, I guess because each bee had a little bit of Fritz in its belly, he got the power to control the bees, turned them into a new body, put on a purple cloak, and embarked on a life of crime, which has been thwarted on a regular basis by Spider-Man, who often soaks his costume in Raid before doing battle with the villain.

Swarm later became an advocate for insect rights.


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