Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Let's Talk About Rambo: Episode 8: SAVAGE Island

Image may not represent the actual activities available on SAVAGE Island.
This episode begins with Rambo facing his most deadly enemy yet: military red tape! He's been called to a base because SAVAGE has created its own island from which to launch nuclear missiles at the rest of the world: SAVAGE Island, but the MP gate guard won't let him into the base because his credentials have not yet arrived.

So instead of doing something reasonable, like calling Col. Trautman to straighten it all out, Rambo enacts a different, more Rambo-like plan: He has Turbo take off in a plane, then jumps up and grabs the landing gear and slowly climbs on the plane while it's in flight until he can get inside.

The wind resistance from his cut-off hoodie added a degree of difficulty.
They crash land on SAVAGE Island and a tree falls through the windshield onto Turbo, meaning that Rambo must face the dangers of SAVAGE Island alone, which, to be fair, is probably just how he likes it.

The first danger? The plane has crashed into the middle of an alligator-filled river. So he grabs a vine and swings to safety while kicking an alligator in the face!

The next danger? A cliff! How to get to the bottom? Rambo simply climbs into a hollow log and rolls off the edge. The log protects him during the fall, you see.
This will do nicely.
Remember, in just the previous episode, he free-climbed down an equally steep cliff, which was also icy, and he was carrying someone with altitude sickness! So I think he was just showing off with this log trick.

Then! He's in the log at the bottom of the cliff. Instead of climbing out of it, he just flexes his muscles really hard and the log explodes. Then he does a kip up and walks away.

ONLY TO BE ATTACKED BY A BLACK PANTHER! He wrestles around with it for a bit before apologetically tying its mouth shut with string.
Maybe it's twine, I don't know.
Rambo finally finds the hidden base on SAVAGE Island and has to infiltrate it.

Meanwhile, back at the crashed plane, an anaconda is attacking Turbo and KAT! Turbo literally ties it in a knot and then throws it into the river. They get the plane fixed and take off just in time to see the launch of a nuke! KAT is ready to blast it out of the sky, but wait! Rambo is riding the nuke!

She fills him in on how to disable the warhead, then he sends the missile back to sender (by turning the dial on the guidance system 180 degrees, naturally). Even without an active warhead, the missile still explodes when it hits the base. 

Mission accomplished.

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