Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Let's Talk About Rambo: Episode 6: Subterranean Holdup

No time for a prologue here. This episode starts in medias res with Colonel Trautman filling in the team that he has heard that SAVAGE is in Chicago, and that more information might be had at the riverfront bar known only as "Bar At River Front," according to its sign.

Rambo goes there and gets into a fight with a non-SAVAGE-affiliated biker gang. After beating them all up (and throwing a jukebox at them!), he turns on the TV at the bar and the news is saying that there's going to be a delivery at the city's Federal Reserve building.

"Aha!" he says. "That must be what SAVAGE is after!"

Just think about that for a second.

He was sent to the bar to gather information on SAVAGE's activities. But instead he decided to beat up some bikers. Then he turned on the TV and decided that SAVAGE was after the first thing he saw on the broadcast. That has nothing to do with the bar!

But here's the insane part: He was right.

So thanks to a distraction, SAVAGE is able to invade the Federal Reserve and steal the printing plates used to print $100 bills. They assume that this will allow them to print billions of dollars and become rich. They escape into a series of abandoned railroad tunnels underneath the city. Rambo, Turbo and KAT follow them down there, using one of those classic railroad carts that has the double-handled lever that you need to pump up and down to make it go.

This lever gave Rambo more trouble than expected. Must've been rusty!
They're able to track SAVAGE down because all the rats in the city are terrified of them and are running away. So Rambo and company just go in the opposite direction of the rats.

When they find SAVAGE, General Warhawk and Rambo get into an underground helicopter chase! They eventually find their way above ground, and Rambo lets himself get shot down so as to prevent any collateral damage to the city.

Not sure why there's a public exit for a secret underground tunnel system.
 He doesn't have a parachute, so he just dives into the river... right next to Bar At River Front! He goes inside and requests to borrow one of the biker gangs' motorcycles. They are terrified of him and lend him one.

He puts a helmet on (always practice proper motorcycle safety, kids!) and chases after the SAVAGE chopper. Also, this motorcycle is not a badass hog, it's more like a '50 touring model with sidebags and everything.

Rambo follows the bad guys to a steel mill, where they are hiding the printing plates inside steel bars in order to smuggle them out of the country. Why does SAVAGE need to secretly smuggle these plates out of the country when they seemingly have a small army of vehicles that already allows them to secretly go wherever they want, whenever they want?

Good question. It is not addressed in the episode.

At this point, SAVAGE member Gripper shows up for a minute and, as usual, mucks everything up.
First, he thinks some random steel girders are the printing plates (clearly he has no idea what a printing plate is), much to the derision of Warhawk.

Then, as Gripper is driving a forklift that's carrying a small box with the steel bars/printing plates in them, Rambo drops a huge girder onto the ship where it's all happening, making the vessel rock a few degrees to either side. Gripper totally panics and somehow flips the forklift, ruining all the plans! 

Gripper! You only had like 20 feet left to go!
Rambo and company laugh as the SAVAGE has to run away, continuing this show's run of legendary episodes.


  1. I love how the bad guys use the same logic as all the 8 year olds in the viewing audience. If only you could PRINT off money yourself... you could be RICH!

  2. Yes! This whole show runs on kid logic, which I think is why I like it so much.