Friday, June 29, 2012

Top 5 NES Story Premises: #4: Spiritual Warfare

Most NES games stay away from heavy subject matter. Religion, starvation, apartheid––this is the kind of stuff that's swept under the rug while games focus on high fantasy, cute animals or head jumpin'.

Spiritual Warfare is different. Developed by Wisdom Tree, the studio known for creating unlicensed, religious Nintendo games (because when you're talking about Jesus, there's no need to follow the rules!), Spiritual Warfare paints a terrifying picture of a world without God.

Not an actual screen shot.
All the residents of your hometown have been corrupted and turned into horrific, God-defying demons. As the last true believer, you're tasked with smiting your former neighbors with holy fruit, collecting their souls, and answering Bible trivia questions posed by a sketchy-looking, bowtied angel.

Seriously, is this guy related to Zebediah from Totally Rad?
Along the way, you'll wear the Breastplate of Righteousness, battle people who like to drink at local bars, and slay proponents of other real-world religions.

Spiritual Warfare, you don't shy away from the horror of holy wars. We salute you.

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