Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Top 5 NES Story Premises: #5: Totally Rad

The intro of Totally Rad sees two teenagers, Allison and Jake, seeking out the mentorship of a prestidigitator named Zebediah in order to learn his "totally rad magic." Their judgment is questionable. If his name alone didn't scream "hillbilly perv" at them, his thousand-yard stare, neckbeard and unflinching smile should have been clear warning signals. The teens speak in a strong valley girl dialect, however, so they may have been easy targets.

"I think he's totally decent!" Bad call, Jake.
Zebediah proceeds to ogle the teens, batting his eyelashes while putting them through a rigorous training regimen––"It's all in the legs!" he tells them.

Why does Zebediah's hat have a "P" on it?
After a bit of back and forth between the teens over Jake's wimpiness, he gets attacked by surprise. See the events unfold for yourself below.

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