Friday, June 1, 2012

Top 5 Most Confusing NES Bosses: Honorable Mention: Brain Golem

Brain Golem is the first boss in Life Force.

The first stage of the early NES shooter Life Force finds players piloting the famed Vic Venom starfighter from the Gradius series through a biological terrorzone called Bionic Germ.

At the end of the level, a normal, healthy-looking brain lies in wait for you. Makes sense; brains are the bosses of the human body, after all. After taking a few shots, the brain opens a single bloodshot eye. (Thank goodness it doesn't grow a second––taking advantage of its lack of depth perception is the key to beating this monster.)

Then things get weird. After taking a few more shots, it grows a weird blue arm that spins around helplessly because it's too short to reach you. The pathetic, futile effort almost makes you feel bad for Brain Golem. Almost.

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