Thursday, April 3, 2014

Professor Robert Langdon Facts #2

Straight from the pages of Dan Brown's Inferno...

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Did you know?

Professor Robert Langdon insists that Bombay Sapphire and the works of Russian author Nikolai Gogol should never be mixed.

Because Professor Robert Langdon is a lifelong aficionado of Italian art, Florence has become one of his favorite destinations in all of Europe.

Although most people are impressed by the sheer enormity and defined musculature of Michelangelo's David, Professor Robert Langdon is more interested in the genius of the statue's pose.

Professor Robert Langdon routinely chastises his students for Googling themselves, an act that he feels reflects the American youth's bizarre obsession with personal celebrity.

A Google news search on "Professor Robert Langdon" will return several pages of results.

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