Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Embarrassing Celebrity Renders: Val Kilmer

Video games based on movies are almost always terrible from a gameplay perspective and often lack the same impact as the films they seek to emulate. Another unfortunate side effect of these disastrous celluloid-to-pixel transformations are the graphic renderings of the actors.

This installment comes to us from the 1988 fantasy masterpiece Willow. I am not here to comment on the awesomeness that is Willow––that would be far too easy. This particular piece of pixel art garbage is from the 1988 arcade title of the same name. Despite this game being a joint venture between LucasFilm and Capcom, it features some horrific character modeling. Just stare at that mouth for two minutes and tell me your life is the same afterwards.

If I were the Iceman this would be my profile picture forever.

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