Thursday, February 14, 2013

Super Heroes Attacking Polar Bears #1: Wildcat

Yesterday's post featuring the Punisher socking a polar bear in the jaw got us thinking: How many more super heroes have run afoul of the world's biggest species of bear, and what could possibly inspire them to attack an animal that's been listed as a vulnerable species––likely to become endangered––by the International Union for Conservation of Nature?

As you'll see, some don't understand the dire situation that polar bears face, some want to test their mettle against the largest land carnivore in the world, and some just want to get their hands on a warm pelt.

Today's entry:

Wildcat is easily one of the lamest super heroes in the DC pantheon. A former champion boxer who one day decided to put on a cat-themed bodysuit (look at the whiskers!) and try to combat evil with absolutely no other gadgets or powers, Wildcat is a shockingly effective crime fighter as long as the villains he's battling don't try to kick him or fight for more than three minutes at a time.

Clearly suffering from an inferiority complex after having to team up with capable heroes like Superman and Wonder Woman, Wildcat decided to take out his frustrations by traveling to the north pole and going a few rounds with an unsuspecting polar bear.

Yes, Wildcat, the polar bear was not prepared for your left hook. Know why? Because polar bears never get into boxing matches with humans, you incredible jerk.

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