Saturday, February 23, 2013

Top 5 Most Misleading NES Box Art: Honorable Mention: Deadly Towers

The box art of Deadly Towers makes a lot of promises. Want to play a game where you can carry around a deadly broadsword and some kind of short halberd-like weapon? Deadly Towers has you covered. Want to play as an angry barbarian with flaming red hair, rippling muscles, He-Man-esque loin fur and an expression that says "the real Deadly Tower... is me"? Pop Deadly Towers into your NES. Want to play a game where you can walk comfortably around in white spotted leopard-fur boots? You guessed it: buy Deadly Towers already!!

Unfortunately, as soon as you power up your NES, this is what you see:

Try to reconcile the size difference between his hands and feet!
The game's actual graphics make Prince Myer look less like an unstoppable medieval badass and more like a person who would be named "Prince Myer."

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