Friday, September 21, 2012

Top 5 Nintendo Power Covers: #4: WWF Super Wrestlemania

Last month, gamers everywhere were saddened by Ars Technica's report that Nintendo was ceasing publication of the venerable Nintendo Power magazine after more than 20 years of hard-hitting, unbiased Nintendo coverage.

Sure, the journalism industry is hurting, but this was still a shock. Now where will gamers go for Classified Information? Where will we see the further adventures of Nestor? And how will we live without the monthly list of the favorite 20 games of Nintendo retailers?? These questions may forever remain unanswered.

In the meantime, let's look back at the best Nintendo Power covers of all time; the ones that got you so excited about video games that you checked your mailbox every day when you were a kid.

Hulkamania faced one of its toughest tests in the spring of 1990, when the Canadian Earthquake (pictured) ambushed Hulk Hogan while he was being interviewed on the Brother Love show and sat on his chest, putting him in the hospital and putting his career in jeopardy. Thanks to the countless letters of support sent to him by little Hulkamaniacs the world over, Hogan was able to recover in time to challenge Earthquake to a grudge match at Summerslam '90.

This Nintendo Power cover commemorates how, using the power of a Super Nintendo controller, Hogan was able to overcome his husky opponent and restore the natural balance of U.S.-Canadian foreign relations.

Please note that Hulk's atomic legdrop is not a move that can actually be performed in WWF Super Wrestlemania.

Also: CD ROM TECH UPDATE! Nintendo Power's investigative journalists ripped the lid off the space-age technology known as "CD ROM." Too bad no Nintendo console has ever incorporated it.


  1. Now correct me if I'm wrong Bruddy, but I'm pretty sure the Canadian Earthquake wasn't even a character on WWF Super Wrestlemania. What kind of Shaky journalistic ethics was Nintendo Power trying to get by with here? If it's any consolation, I believe Àndre the Giant could do the sitting on the chest move on this game. Good article. I totally bought this issue when it came out!

  2. Earthquake does indeed appear in WWF Super Wrestlemania. Is it possible you're thinking of WWF Wrestlemania Challenge for the NES? That's one of the only games that had Andre in it. It also included Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Ravishing Rick Rude, and was one of the best early wrestling games because all the wrestlers had different moves.

    WWF Super Wrestlemania, on the other hand, was the first wrestling game on the Super Nintendo and it sucked, because none of the wrestlers had their signature maneuvers.