Sunday, September 9, 2012

Badass Box Art of the Week: M.U.L.E.

Sometimes video game box art is so completely badass that it demands you purchase the game even though you may have never heard of the title or even play video games at all! Only these boxes have earned the right to be honored with the title of Badass Box Art of the Week!

If this box could talk it would say, "Hey aliens, I brought two things to this crap stink planet of yours: my space horse Gary and a fist packed full of Freedom! Now bow down before me while my hair blows majestically in the cosmic wind."

Only the most badass astronaut of all time leaves his space craft wearing his astro suit buttoned halfway down, and this guy isn't going to let some damn helmet get in the way of his flowing 1970s Chuck Norris hair.

The name of this game is an acronym, and what it might stand for is a complete mystery. I for one firmly believe that it stands for Moustache Users Love Explosions.


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