Friday, January 18, 2013

Top 5 Rapping Wrestlers: #4: Master P and the No Limit Soldiers

The year was 1999. The United States was still reeling from the Lewinsky scandal and President Clinton's narrow escape from impeachment. But worst of all, World Championship Wrestling was suffering a huge rap drought. In the absence of P.N. News, no competitor had even tried to claim the coveted title of Rapmaster. In fact, so few rhymes had been busted over the second half of the decade that some were wondering if WCW would ever truly be funky again.

Enter Master P.

After a spirited performance of his legendary track "Hoody Hoo" on an episode of WCW Monday Nitro, Master P ran afoul of noted rap-hater Curt Hennig while throwing an in-ring birthday party for Silkk the Shocker. Hennig, taking offense that Master P shoved his face in the birthday cake and rejected the black cowboy hat he tried to give Silkk––hey, maybe Silkk would have been into it. Nobody ever asked him!––swore revenge. His plan: create a team of wrestlers called the West Texas Rednecks, despite having the strongest Minnesota accent in pro wrestling history.

Once the Rednecks released their own chart-topper, however, all questions about their geographic legitimacy were soon forgotten. But no one will ever forget "Rap Is Crap."

P countered by recruiting some of the roughest, toughest wrestlers to ever step foot in the ring, including this guy.

Who received a Master P-style makeover, mainly involving sunglasses and a camo hat.

After adding Konnan, Rey Misterio, P's bodyguard Swoll, and something named Chase Tatum, the formation of the No Limit Soldiers was complete, and for what seemed like weeks, they defended the honor of rap music against the West Texas Rednecks, even though Master P never showed his face in the ring again.

By the way, how angry do you think the ghost of Curt Hennig was when Macho Man Randy Savage later eulogized him with a rap song?


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