Friday, December 21, 2012

Special Recognition: Worst Nintendo Power Cover: Virtual Boy

There are several great Nintendo Power covers and a lot of mediocre ones. But there's only one truly hideous cover. How appropriate that it's for the only hideous Nintendo system: the Virtual Boy.

First off, you've got horrible design sense of the mid-'90s, when everything had to look as x-treme as possible. The more fonts, the better. And, by god, don't implement any sort of standard alignment or spacing for the text.

The Virtual Boy––which forced gamers to crane their necks to look through the heavy goggles, which fed each eye a different viewpoint in order to simulate a blood-red 3D image––was notorious for being difficult to use and giving its victims, I mean owners, terrible headaches. Keeping that in mind, this might be the most accurate cover in Nintendo Power history. I can't look at it without getting nauseous.

Also: is that the Lawnmower Man back there?

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