Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Top 5 Best Pro Wrestling Entrance Music: #5: The Mountie Always Gets His Man

One of the laws of pro wrestling is that if you're from somewhere other than the United States and you have either pride in your homeland or a job that originates from it, you're a bad guy.

Take Jacques Rougeau. With a name like that (A silent "s"? How un-American can you get?), the battle was already half lost. But when he decided to dress in the well recognized and respected garb of a Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer? Forget about it. That's a recipe for instant hatred from wrestling fans.

After he ditched his original entrance theme, which I'm pretty sure he stole from the opening credits of Twin Peaks, the Mountie recorded a new, more ambitious theme all by himself. Listen to the prideful lyrics, the enthusiastic delivery and the harsh sounds of a late '80s Casio keyboard!

Surely the Royal Canadian Mounted Police proudly listen to this song to this very day as they go about their business of shocking ne'er-do-wells with their comically oversized cattle prods.


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