Friday, March 2, 2012

This Is a Real Comic Book Character: Night Nurse

Linda Carter, a very enthusiastic nurse with a fascination for heroes like Spider-Man, Daredevil and Dr. Strange, took on the identity of Night Nurse after she realized that super heroes get the crap beaten out of them regularly and their significant others are probably tired of administering first aid.

"Go to the room on the right" is Night Nurse's catchphrase, for real.

Formerly known as Student Nurse, she has never been seen with a diploma, but is assumed to have graduated from medical school at some point. The super heroes she treats rarely broach this topic, likely because beggars can't be choosers.

When she began her nursing career, Night Nurse was faced with a terrible choice: get dumped by her boyfriend, business magnate Marshall Michaels, or give up nursing forever. She chose to continue helping the needy, but the break-up left a scar on her heart that would not be healed for several years.

Fortunately, during a team-up with Dr. Strange to discover the cure for cancer, the two medical professionals found themselves slowly falling for one another. Although their relationship later hit a rough patch, the two maintain a high level of mutual respect.

Most super heroes have nothing but good things to say about Night Nurse's medical skills, with the notable exception of Elektra, who complained about the care that was being provided to Daredevil. However, it should be noted that Elektra does not have a background in medicine and is the jealous type.

Howard's getting an eyeful.

Night Nurse has no known super powers other than a true love of medical science. It's believed that she donned a skin-tight costume to fit in with her clientele and put her patients more at ease.


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