Friday, November 14, 2014

Let's Talk About Rambo: Episode 21: Reign of the Boy King

This episode finds SAVAGE kidnapping the child ruler of Morovia, a medieval Eastern European country, and installing their own leader: "The Black Duke," the boy's evil uncle.

When Rambo finds out, he abandons his quest to befriend the squirrels living near his cabin and flies to Morovia. Upon landing, he gets into a dump truck vs. tank battle with Gripper and wins, somehow. Due to his failure to kill Rambo despite having the odds overwhelmingly stacked in his favor, Gripper is relegated to lookout duty for the rest of the week.

Rambo heads out to rescue the boy king, who is being held in a Swiss-style chateau in the mountains. 
During the rescue, Rambo tells the boy to be quiet no fewer than five times, even though the child has not said a word. What do you want from him, Rambo?!?

They get away by ripping a very heavy metal door off of the helicopter they just crashed and surfing it down the snowy mountain. Then Rambo secretly enters a jousting competition (wearing super fly all-white armor!) against the Black Duke to win control of the country back for the kid.

It's unclear if Rambo actually understands the rules of jousting, because he wins by waiting until both of them have broken their lances during a tilt, then riding up behind the Black Duke, grabbing him by the collar and pulling him off his horse.

However, maybe it's just me who doesn't understand the rules of jousting, because although Rambo's actions would seem to me to be a violation of the spirit of the competition, the Morovian spectators seem to accept it as a legitimate victory. Then everyone at the stadium hops on horses and rides over to SAVAGE's base to fight them!

After the victory, the boy king knights "Sir Rambo."


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