Thursday, March 27, 2014

Are You Band Enough? Music Reviews: Stan Bush's The Ultimate: Track 2: "The Ultimate"

The second track from Stan Bush's album The Ultimate is indeed the titular track. When you title a song "The Ultimate," you are really making a statement. Some might say, "the ultimate what?" To that I would answer, "Don't question Stan Bush!" With lines like "Hold tight, life's a rocky ride" and "rise up like an eagle in flight, the best of the best would never forget the passion that keeps dreams alive," I might as well let Stan Bush parent my children. Whenever my kids approach me with a problem I will promptly press play on this track and sit silently while Stan Bush sets them straight.

Not only is this track an effective parenting tool, it is also the ultimate end credits song for any motion picture. The next time you watch any movie, turn off the sound at the start of the credits and fire up this track. There is no doubt in my mind it will make every single movie The Ultimate movie. So far I have tried it with The Wizard of Oz, Saving Private Ryan, An American Tail, and The Godfather. I have not been proven wrong yet.

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